About Albertotex-Rus LLC


Albertotex-Rus LLC has been the largest manufacturer of consumer goods in the European part of Russia for over fifteen years. During these years the company has gained great experience in manufacturing and selling the goods. Renovation taken place in 2007 (new equipment from Europe and USA was bought and installed) allows us to consistently expand the range of the products we manufacture. 
Albertotex-Rus LLC produces a broad range of consumer goods. Over the years of experience the company established itself as a leader in the Russian market. We sell products to almost every region of Russia.
Albertotex-Rus LLC a broad range of cleaning products: all-purpose tissues and cloths, sponges for personal hygiene, viscose, cellulose and microfiber tissues. In addition we produce a range of shoe sponges, shower loofahs, dish sponges, ice packs and many other products. The whole range of our products can be found in Products section. House cleaning goods we manufacture meet all needs of a present-day consumer and correspond to the highest quality standards. Contract manufacturing is another field of the company’s business. Currently the company cooperates in the private trademark segment with the largest retail networks such as Ashan, Sedmoi Kontinent, Metro, OKEY, Atak, Dixi, Magnit.
The company’s policy is based on the priority of customer’s interest; therefore its main approaches in working with partners are flexibility and openness. We will be happy to have you as our business partner.